Fence Stain Colors

Now that you have your fence installed it’s time to decide what color to stain it.  There are a number of factors you should consider.
Take a look around your neighborhood.  What trends do you see?  Perhaps your neighbor has a color that you need to match in order for both your homes to flow well together.  In addition it is always important to check with your home owners association requirements.  I once stained a deck that was directly along the community golf course.  The home owners association said the color was too dark and distracted from the golf play.


One bid decision you have to consider is to go with either a semi-transparent or a solid color stain.  A semi-transparent look helps maintain the natural look of the wood.  It penetrates for deeper protection.  So if you are using wood with great looking grains then this may be preferable.  On the other hand a solid color lays up on the surface.  It hides the natural look of the fence and appears to look more like the trim on your house.  For some having the fence match your home may be the overall look you are going for.

Once you decide on semi vs solid it’s time to pick your color.  I would suggest going to the local home depot or paint store and pick up some brochures.  Once you narrow then down you may want to put a small sample on your a piece of wood and hold it up to your fence.  By doing this you can insure you are making the correct decision and will not have any regrets.  After all you spent a lot of money to install the fence and you want it to look spectacular.